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A diverse line-up of fish types

We have a large range of fish types, caught all over the world.

  • [Buri] Yellowtail

    [Buri] Yellowtail

    Yellowtail is lovely and juicy and has exceptional flavor. It is ideal for creating a luxurious atmosphere. Yellowtail reigns as the king of winter seasonal fishes.

  • [Sawara] Japanese Spanish mackerel

    [Sawara] Japanese Spanish mackerel

    This fish has a refined texture and has many uses in the kitchen. It’s prized as a fish which evokes a sense of the season in spring.

  • [Saba] Mackerel

    [Saba] Mackerel

    Mackerel is nicely juicy and has a firm texture. It’s a classic among classics as a roast fish which goes well with rice.

  • [Kinmedai] Splendid alfonsino

    [Kinmedai] Splendid alfonsino

    This fish boasts vibrant coloring, a refined texture, and tasty evenly-spread oil. It suits roasting or simmering.

  • [Sake] Salmon

    [Sake] Salmon

    Salmon reigns as the fish which suits everyone’s preferences. Red salmon, silver salmon, fall salmon - we have various types to suit your occasion.

  • [Aka-uo] Pacific ocean perch

    [Aka-uo] Pacific ocean perch

    This deep-sea fish has lovely skin coloring. Pickling brings out its unique flavor and texture.

  • [Karasu-karei] Greenland halibut

    [Karasu-karei] Greenland halibut

    This fish boasts melt-in-your-mouth meat, a beautiful white color, and the perfect amount of tasty oil. It can convey a sense of luxury.

  • [Gindara] Sablefish

    [Gindara] Sablefish

    Sablefish boasts a good balance of oil, flavor, and fish meat quality. It has become more popular and gained status as a prized fish.

  • [Mekajiki] Swordfish

    [Mekajiki] Swordfish

    A large-bodied fish popular throughout the world. Tasty oil is well-balanced throughout the fillet, which has a distinctive steak-like shape.

Pickled fish

We mature our pickled fish to bring you “Deliciousness”.

  • [Saikyou-zuke] Fish pickled in sweet Kyoto-style miso

    [Saikyou-zuke] Fish pickled in sweet Kyoto-style miso

    Our most popular pickled fish. It boasts a unique flavor, which has been refined by all our clients’ requests.

  • [Kasu-zuke] Fish pickled in sake lees

    [Kasu-zuke] Fish pickled in sake lees

    The full-flavored, sweet sake lees bring out the natural flavor of the fish. The delicate, balanced flavoring enjoys popularity.

  • [Mirin-shouyu-zuke] Sweet sake and soy sauce pickled fish

    [Mirin-shouyu-zuke] Sweet sake and soy sauce pickled fish

    This pickled fish boasts refined, rich flavors. The popular flavoring goes well with both food and alcohol.

Cutting methods

The varied techniques of our skillful workers expand the fun of food.

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

  • Cutting methods

Packaging presentation

Depending on your needs, we can propose various forms of packaging.

  • Packaging presentation

  • Packaging presentation